In-Camera Artistry: Using Any Light Source


In real estate, the mantra is "location, location, location." For some photographers the same priority applies, but for wedding and portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis, it goes, "light, light, light." For him, light has the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and he sets out to prove it in this hundred-plus-minute presentation.

And prove it he does, with setup shots of locations that wouldn’t warrant a second glance from most of us, but where Ghionis has spotted a sliver of light, that is all he needs to capture a spectacular bridal photo. While displaying his photographs, he shares his thoughts on the various sources and types of light, from full sunlight through reflectors, candles as well as continuous video lights.

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Jerry Ghionis is a rock star. I love his style.
The video was fantastic to watch.
However, I was upset when the explanation for his exposure trick was excluded from the video.
If it was recorded, could this be added to your great list of videos?

Many thanks for great work so far.

I watched the whole thing waiting for the exposure tutorial that he was talking about. Is there a way to watch it somewhere?

Unfortunately that explanation was part of the photo walk portion of his presentation, which we were not able to shoot that day. We apologize for the confusion, and thank you for watching.

This was a fascinating presentation. Learning about the best ways to utilize different light sources is very helpful...especially when/how to deflect or diffuse to get the desired result. I don't want/plan to do wedding photography, but happily can use many of Jerry Ghionis' suggestions when photographing my family and friends. As a beginning photographer, I prefer daylight to flash, but having seen Jerry manipulate the flash in the "ON Camera" part of the tutorial has shown me new possibilities. Up to now I've only used the in-camera flash. The ICE Light seems like a wonderful too, but too pricey for me at this stage of my camera experience and use.

Thank you B & H for these wonderful tutorials.

Thank you so much for this video! I had to shoot some artwork this morning, which turned into an impromptu portrait session. I had purposely brought my reflector to practice (like Jerry said), and what could have been an "o.k." photo turned into a wonderful portrait.

Thank you for continued learning opportunities.

Would love to attend one of these seminars...
It was full of information that not only you can apply to weddings but grow your portrait business with. Great techniques and visual recordings of how he does this.
Keep posting these.