First Look: Senal ASM Series Monitors


Pro audio manufacturer Senal has just announced their new line of professional active studio speakers, the ASM Series Monitors. Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” models, the ASM Series is designed to accommodate a myriad of audio applications, ranging from professional recording and broadcast to surround-sound and high-end entertainment.

Each model features an ellipsoidal cabinet, which is engineered to keep diffraction and resonance to a minimum, resulting in exceptionally transparent sonic imaging, while allowing it to achieve maximum volume levels in a compact size. The cabinet is forged from a rigid, high-intensity aluminum alloy to ensure consistent performance and durability. A rear-facing port and internal port tube provide expanded low-frequency output and minimize distortion, for balanced and accurate monitoring.

Offering several adjustable parameters to compensate for acoustical deficiencies in your listening environment, each model is equipped with fine-tune settings for the high, mid, and low frequencies. Additionally, the 4”, 5” and 6” models feature a three position high-pass filter for matching the speakers with a subwoofer. All ASM models are equipped with a volume control and power switch.

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Disclaimer - I love B&H I think it's the greatest store in the world.
I heard Senal is owned by B&H, okay these monitors are just ripoffs of Genelec and it makes me sad, that a retailer would do that, I've seen Senal clones of the Sony MDR-7506 and it kind of makes my blood boil. B&H is a great company - but when you're a retailer and you're stocking the genuine article and a knockoff of it that you make it's really classless and if I were Genelec and Sony I'd probably not do business with you out of principle - they're in a hard position, Not cool B&H.
It's like Here's Bruce Springsteen and here's our in-house artist Bryce Springsteen - he's just like Bruce except he didn't write the songs and pay for the huge research and development costs because there are non in China, the R&D is the cost of sending 1x Genelec monitor to China to be cloned cheaper without any regard for the environment and human rights but hey politicians love em right!

Thanks for the feedback and your continued patronage towards B&H Photo and hopefully we can clarify a few things in our response. Senal is not owned by B&H Photo and in the interest of offering a variety of products to benefit our customers, we sell Senal as a newer alternative along with Genelec and Sony. We will forward your feedback to Senal and post their comments per their reply.

In regards to your feedback, we reached out to Senal who responded with the following:

We at Senal would like to take this opportunity to clarify the following:

1. We are a standalone company

2. The products that are manufactured by our team are based and focused on our customer’s needs and current trends in the industry.

Our team of professionals within their respective fields takes pride in developing products that are creating value and stand above current alternatives available to the consumer. We spent months of research to ensure that our Senal Studio Monitors possess noteworthy features that set us apart as is the case in point, see details below.

1. True egg shaped enclosure for enhanced stereo imaging, low distortion, low resonance (Genelec has a more rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners)

2. More efficient and extensive fine tune settings allowing for boost and attenuation of high and low frequencies (Genelec only offers attenuation)

3. 10dB higher SPL enables monitors to handle louder volumes without distortion and clipping of amplifiers

4. More clarity in the mid range and high frequencies

5. Wider frequency response by 10dB on the low end

6. Tighter bottom end

7. Enhanced stereo imaging

8. Pristine natural sound across the frequency spectrum

9. Greater degree and easier angle adjustments via rubber base

10. Included XLR – XLR & XLR – RCA cables (Genelec does not include audio cables)

All of this is motivated by consumer requests and varied interest, with that, to replicate another manufacture’s product would defeat our mission.

Actually these Senal monitors don't so much resemble the Genelecs as much as they are a dead-ringer for the Hivi X series, which is coincidentally also available in 3", 4", 5" and 6" variants (called X3 to X6).

Is Hivi the OEM for these Senal monitors?