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Back to school shopping on a budget? You’re not alone. But while this year’s sales may be over, you can find bargains and discounts on amazing electronics and technology for high school, college and beyond every single day at B&H—all year ‘round! From computers and smartphones to laptops and even backpacks, we can help any student prep for a fresh semester with all the top-of-the-class technology that is so much a part of today’s scholastic routine.

What’s more, if the student in your life plans to focus on photography, videography, filmmaking, art, design or audio production, our extensive inventory of well-priced gear has you more than covered. From affordable cameras and camcorders to computers and workstations designed for graphic artists, B&H stocks thousands of items to get students’ creative juices flowing.

Before you start, it pays to do a little homework. Luckily, our B&H Explora blog publishes helpful articles and buying guides throughout the year. Shopping for a new or returning undergrad? Check out our article, Back to School: Recommended Cameras for Photography Majors, before loading up on gear for your freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. Whether they’re planning to study law, fine arts, finance, medicine or liberal arts, we can school you on the latest greatest gadgets and gear to make the grade. And if you want to make sure they’ll keep in touch, we tackle 5 Phones to Study Up On so you know which models rate top marks.

Is your prize pupil a long way off from college? Check out Bringing Assignments to Life with 3D Printers for back-to-school ideas levelled at students ages 8 and up.

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