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Sandwiched between the bright energy of summer and the stark beauty of winter, the colorful splendor of autumn is often times overlooked. Although corporate America is diligently working to ensure that we remember the pumpkin spiced season, we at B&H are doing our part to help you observe some of nature's most picturesque months in their full glory.

In the hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to stop and take note of the changes around you, we've compiled a collection of items and articles to help you remember those moments. Whether it's the russet hues of leaves piled in the backyard, the determined look on your child's face when reaching for an apple on a branch just a bit too high, or the perfect formation of migrating birds while you go for one last hike in the woods, take these weeks and enjoy — for winter is coming.

Top Tools to Take Better Fall Foliage Photos

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Maine Driving Guide: From Mount Katahdin to Acadia National Park

As cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours overtake the region from north to south, chlorophyll production slows down, causing leaves to start changing color. Different tree species produce varied hues of foliage —from the brilliant reds of certain maple varieties, to the golden yellow of aspen and poplar, to the drab brown of an elm. Read Full Article...

This story is part of an ongoing series on America's national parks, forests and monuments. Read the other stories in our series here >.

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Capturing the Romance of Fall Photography

When it comes to romantic seasons, there is only one — fall! The sun dips low and clings to the horizon, and autumn gives way to the coming winter in a final celebration of color. Fall brings all sorts of magic to the photographer. It's a time of year when, rain or shine, there is great photography at every turn. However, the days of just a red leaf being considered a great photograph are long gone. Embracing and relaying the romance of the season is the challenge.

Where do we start in this challenge? Do you need special gear? Is there one place better than another to chase fall? Here are some of the answers I've found so far, in this grand pursuit.

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The Birding Dream Team: the Nikon D500 and Nikon 300mm f/4

You can go birding literally almost anywhere on earth. But, if you want to photograph rare species and large birds of prey, Manhattan is probably not on your birding bucket list. Nevertheless, Central Park, in the middle of New York City's Manhattan Island, is known as one of the nation's top birding spots. Read Full Article...

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A Guide to Birding with Binoculars

The natural tendency for most people new to binoculars is to get the most powerful binoculars they can find. However, there is a drawback to high-powered viewing: image shake. The higher the magnification, the more small movements and vibrations will be translated into your image. Read Full Article...

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See Forever on a Clear Day: New Steiner Military/Marine Binoculars

Born from the ashes of World War II, Steiner Optics has a long history of performance and durability — and its latest offering, the new Military/Marine line of binoculars, speaks to the company's continued commitment to these traditions.

The new line comes in three models: a small and lightweight 8x30, and two 50mm-objective versions, one with moderate 7x magnification and another with high 10x power. Regardless of the model, all three share many of the same design features that make them excellent for most glassing needs, including Steiner's Sports-Auto Focusing System, a floating prism system, and a durable Makrolon housing that is wrapped in NBR synthetic rubber armor.

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