Everyone at B&H has a passion—for photography, music, film or art—to match their love of all things tech. Here are just a few of their stories.

Juan Bohorquez
Meet Juan Bohorquez, a web merchandizer at B&H who is also a talented recording engineer and guitarist. While creating music is his biggest passion, Juan took things a step further in 2018 and built his own signature guitar from scratch. Check out the video to see this beautiful instrument in action and to find out more about Juan's incredible story.
Maria Perez
Meet Maria Perez, a member of B&H's social media team who is passionate about telling other people's stories through video. She shares her insights into what motivates her, and she emphasizes the importance of working on projects that are inspiring and meaningful.
Abe Curland
Meet B&H's Abe Curland, a talented photographer whose main passion is birds. Abe shares his insights into what inspires him about bird photography, and he offers some great tips on how to properly photograph birds in their natural habitat.
Bobby Sansivero
Meet Bobby Sansivero, a talented filmmaker who produces YouTube videos for B&H's Online Video department. Bobby talks about what inspires him to make films, and he shares his thoughts on what it takes to transform the simple idea of a film into a finished production.
Catherine Sharp
Meet Catherine Sharp, a B&H Marketing specialist who has a passion for shooting photos, especially those that contain elements like water and smoke. Catherine describes her photography as a way to freeze motion; each photo reminds you of everything that was happening in that very moment. To see a truly creative approach to photography-not to mention some amazing photos-check out the video!
Gabe Biderman
Gabriel Biderman is a renowned night photographer whose work has been featured in multiple exhibits in San Francisco, New York, London, and Hawaii—just to name a few. Working for the B&H Marketing team, Gabriel gets to share his passion with coworkers, customers, and collaborators.
Greg Johnson
As a member of the legendary funk group Cameo, Greg Johnson knows just about all there is to know about pro audio equipment. His deep knowledge base—gleaned from years and years of real-world experience—make Greg an invaluable member of the Pro Audio Web Content team.
Morris Hersko
A landscape and wildlife photographer, Morris Hersko's portfolio is a treasure trove of breathtaking photos from around the globe. When he's not traveling the world, Morris works on the Web Space Marketing team.
Denisabel Deleon
Denisabel Deleon is a professional portrait photographer who loves working with infants and young children. Her creative expertise, years of experience, and deep knowledge base serve her well as a Pro Video Sales Consultant for B&H Photo.
Jabari A.K. Holder
Jabari A.K. Holder is a writer, director, and film producer. He often uses satire to spotlight the absurdities of everyday life and help reframe how we view and interact within our world. When he's not making movies, Jabari works as a Pro Video Sales Consultant to help fellow filmmakers achieve their goals.
Andrea Ortado
Whether it's shooting street or event photography, Andrea Ortado's work captures the beauty in the moment, adding meaning and permanence to a time that is, by definition, fleeting. Working as a Live Chat Agent, Andrea is able to leverage her years of experience to serve B&H customers.
Jason Smolesky
As a cinematographer, Jason Smolesky is the wizard that makes movie magic happen. As a member of the B&H B2B team, Jason uses his extensive filmmaking knowhow to help customers find the product and service solutions they need.
Kristen Auriemma
Kristen Auriemma's photographic style is best described as soft, sleek, and conceptual—traits thoroughly evinced in her stunning portraiture work. In addition to being a professional photographer, Kristen also works as a member of B&H's Live Chat and Email Support.
Levi Tenenbaum
Levi Tenenbaum uses photography to express all facets of his imagination, whether it's a big, cinematic idea or something quieter and more intimate. His photos reflect the passion and explosive energy he carries with him everywhere, including to his role as Corporate Communication Manager for B&H.
Jennifer Hahn
Jennifer Hahn's endless pursuit of knowledge drives her love for documentary filmmaking. As a member of the Content Writing team, Jennifer leverages her expertise to ensure B&H customers have the most accurate and helpful information available.