Podcast: Aerial Photography, with Jeffrey Milstein


As Allan Weitz says in the introduction, when you see a Jeffrey Milstein photo, you know it. He has a distinctive style, which is not an easy accomplishment for an aerial photographer. But, of course, not all his images are taken from high above—he also has an incredible series shot from underneath airplanes. All kidding aside, Milstein’s work—aerial or otherwise—is infused with the complexity of observation and with the fascination of how similar forms repeat themselves in distinctive ways.

On this episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we speak with Jeff Milstein about his photography, with an emphasis on his aerial photography and the process, gear, and technique he uses to capture these stunning images. We discuss his previous career as an architect and the influence that carries into his work, the medium format and 35mm format digital camera he prefers, and his lens choices. Along with Weitz, who also has much aerial photography experience, we discuss using a gyro stabilizer and the advancements made in in-camera stabilization systems. We also chat about communication with pilots and how to plan a helicopter aerial shoot.

Milstein also discusses the post-production techniques used to create his geometric compositions and the large format prints he makes, many of which are currently on exhibit at the Benrubi Gallery, in New York.

Guest: Jeffrey Milstein

Boeing 757-200, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Airbus A340-300, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Boeing 737-700, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Boeing 747-400, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Caribbean Princess, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Carnival Sensation, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Carnival Victory at Night, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
5th Ave. Midtown, New York, NY, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Park La Brea, Los Angeles, CA, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Stuyvesant Town, New York, NY, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Coney Island, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Disneyland, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Gatwick Airport, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
LAX Airport, Photograph © Jeffrey Milstein
Jeffrey Milstein, Photograph © John Harris
Jeffrey Milstein and Allan Weitz, Photograph © John Harris


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves