Podcast: Conflict and Compromise—Ben Lowy and Marvi Lacar


On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we continue our exploration of photographic collaboration with photojournalists Ben Lowy and Marvi Lacar. In addition to sharing a vocation, they also share two children and a life together.

Photojournalism is a decidedly independent, at times dangerous, career, certainly not one known for a routine home life, but when domestic responsibilities and children enter the picture, how does a couple balance craft and career with the need to earn a living and the time needed to nurture relationships? More so, when both people are working in the same field, how does bolstering one career cross the line into debilitating the other and how do the individuals comprising a creative couple find ways to support each other’s efforts?

Lowy and Lacar bring an animated humor and a willingness to talk about the difficult moments from their lives and careers, and explain how they have come to recognize their best personal and professional attributes, bringing those strengths into a working relationship that continues to evolve.

Guests: Marvi Lacar and Ben Lowy

From the series "Melting Pot," Marvi Lacar
From the series "Melting Pot," Marvi Lacar
From the series "U.S. Bases," Marvi Lacar
From the series "U.S. Bases," Marvi Lacar
From “This Is a Love Story,” Marvi Lacar
From “This Is a Love Story,” Marvi Lacar
2004 Democratic National Convention, Ben Lowy
Protest at 2004 Republican National Convention, Ben Lowy
Iraq Perspectives #1, Ben Lowy
Iraq perspectives, #2, Ben Lowy
Wounded soldier, Iraq, Ben Lowy
Ski Jumper, Sochi, 2014, Ben Lowy
Speed Skater, Sochi, 2014, Ben Lowy
Great White Shark, 2016, Ben Lowy
Seal, 2016, Ben Lowy
Ben Lowy and Marvi Lacar at B&H Photography Podcast, John Harris


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Wow. Just Wow.

You guys are doing some of the best oral history I've ever heard. Gripping, and good to find other people as passionate about photography as I am. Thanks.

Bill....Thank you so much for the comment, we really appreciate that kind of feedback because we do strive to put together shows that demonstrate our passion for photography, in all of its forms.   

Thanks for a great pod cast love most of your topics, brings a new understanding and ideas to my photography as I see it from other passionate people, iv been using this system as you said in the pod cast you did not know of any other flash with high power litoum battery have a look at the link you may like them they work on Sony Nikon and canon and maybe Olympus 


Thanks so much Henry for the comment and the suggestion....love this kind of feedback!