Podcast: Memorable Moments from 2019


It’s hard to believe that another year of the B&H Photography Podcast is on the books and, as has become our way, we close out the year with a casual conversation about our most memorable episodes from 2019. But before we get started, a recent count showed that we have listeners in all but 15 countries. To us, that’s remarkable, and we’d like to offer a very heartfelt thank you and best wishes for a happy new year to all our listeners around the world. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for photography conversations in 2020.

Allan Weitz starts off today’s show with a few of his favorite 2019 episodes, including our talk with photographer Stephen Mallon, who documented the recovery of Flight 1549—referred to as the “Miracle on the Hudson”—from the icy waters of the Hudson River after its forced landing in January 2009. On that episode, we welcomed Denise Lockie, a passenger on that flight. Allan also mentions our conversations with Albert Watson and Vince Aletti as favorites, and our chats on car photography with Nate Hassler and on D.I.Y. camera makers.

For his part, Jason Tables starts his list with our episode on storm chasing and extreme-weather photography as a favorite. He also recalls “The Copyright Infringement Superhighway” with attorney David Deal, our talk with photographer Corinne May Botz on her series “Milk Factory,” and our hilarious and insightful conversation with portraitist Mark Mann.

John Harris begins with some of the 2019 episodes that performed best in terms of number of downloads, some of which surprised us. He also discusses a few of his favorites episodes, including “Conflict Photography—Motivation and Consequence.” Other memorable episodes he mentions are “Commitment to Community—Rhynna Santos, Michael Young, and the Bronx Documentary Center,” our talks with rock photographer Mick Rock and photojournalist Shahidul Alam, and, of course, our conversation with actor and photographer Jeff Bridges.

Enjoy our casual end-of-the-year chat, subscribe to the B&H Photography Podcast on Apple Podcasts, join our Facebook group, and have yourself a happy new year.

Photographs © John Harris

Allan Weitz, Denise Lockie, Stephen Mallon, 2019 © John Harris
Rhynna Santos, 2019 © John Harris
Michael Young, 2019 © John Harris
Vince Aletti, 2019 © John Harris
A.J. Bernstein, Allan Weitz, Orlando Mendez, Norman Blake, 2019 © John Harris
Bill Shapiro, 2019 © John Harris
Shahidul Alam, 2019 © John Harris
Albert Watson, 2019 © John Harris
Jeannette Garcia, Allan Weitz, and Yaakov Katz, 2019 © John Harris
Santiago Lyon and Anthony Feinstein © Allan Weitz
Mitra Saboury, Allan Weitz, Ben Zank, Cory Rice, 2019 © John Harris
Petronella Lugemwa and Allan Weitz, 2019 © John Harris
Liz Groeschen and Corinne May Botz, 2019 © John Harris
Ron Haviv, Allan Weitz, and Dr. Lauren Walsh, 2019 © John Harris
Allan Weitz, Monica Lozano, Stefan Falke, 2019 © John Harris

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves