Podcast: Memory Card Myths and Storage Solutions


On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome representatives from SanDisk, Lexar, and B&H writer John-Paul Palescandolo to discuss memory cards, storage solutions, and best practices for capturing and storing digital images.

We have also officially launched our B&H Photography Facebook Group and invite our listeners to join. Follow the link above to the group page and request to join—it’s as simple as that. We have added a small incentive: we will be giving away SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Cards. Everyone who joins our Facebook group by March 13 will be eligible to win, and we will draw two winners at random to receive a card, generously provided by SanDisk.

We start our conversation today with Pete Isgrigg, from the Channel Marketing team at Western Digital. Western Digital is the parent company of G-Technology and SanDisk, and we speak with Isgrigg about the products they offer, as well as some basic best practices for memory card and hard drive usage.  After our conversation with Isgrigg, we welcome Andrew Nahmias, from NTI sales, representing Lexar. Nahmias provides further insight into which cards are best for your workflow and how to keep your image files safe and retrievable.

We spoke with Isgrigg and Nahmias at the 2019 Depth of Field Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference, but after a short break, we’re joined in our studio by John-Paul Palescandolo to discuss other brands of memory cards sold by B&H, and to answer some general questions on the subject.

Join us for this very informative episode—and don’t forget to join the B&H Photography Podcast Facebook Group.

Guests: Pete Isgrigg, Andrew Nahmias, and John-Paul Palescandolo


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


hello Pete, I saw your presentation yesterday but missed the 1st part.  I looked up your compatability chart but dont see my OLD camera.  Canon 70D.  I have different cards, NONE are the new CF express.  I enjoyed your presentation and would love to hear it again.

Ive had difficulty with "G" ssd external drives.  I guess I bought it formatted for Mac.  They sent me a download to reformat to windows but I must be too analog brained to figure it out.  Could you be so kind to let me know when you will do another presentation?  Maybe w. B&H this time?  Thanks


Thanks E.L.B  The 70D takes a UHS-I SD card.  I can reach out to Pete and let him know this comment is here and he can update his presentation schedule if possible.

that would be wonderful if he could schedule another presentation.  Eventbright sponsored the recent talk via Kenmore Camera (west coast local)  but I would be interested in seeing another one by Pete if you decide to sponsor it.  Maybe in the big photo show this year?.   His explantions are great and elucidated me well.  I appreciate the info on UHS-1 SD card.  Ill check it out pronto.  Thank you very much Liz

Thanks for listening and for the comment, Liz.