Podcast: The DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Latest on Drone Technology


The B&H Photography Podcast team was invited to a special event hosted by DJI and the B&H Marketing team to introduce filmmakers and photographers to the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones. Not only did we get to fly these incredible machines, but we took the time to talk with several photographers and drone experts to get their impressions, not only on the latest DJI models, but on other drone platforms and aerial photography applications.

We begin this episode with Adam Lisberg, U.S. spokesperson for DJI, and hear his thoughts on its most recent offerings. We then sit with a previous guest, Randy Scott Slavin, of Yeah Drones and the New York City Drone Film Festival. Slavin discusses the technical leaps that drones have made in the past year, and highlights his favorite platforms. Next, we talk with Andrew Scrivani, food photographer and stylist for the New York Times and other publications, on how he is incorporating drones into his work.

After a pause, we turn to a lively chat with Sara Dietschy, Kraig Adams, and Ollie Ritchie, three social media influencers using drones in their content creation. Then we speak with Roberto Blake, a YouTube educator, who took advantage of this event to fly his first drone; he offers wonderful insight from the perspective of a newbie. We then welcome podcasters Chris Barrows and Amir Zonozi, from “Why I Social,” for information on the P4 Pro and on flying in restricted areas, and we conclude with drone builder and pilot Parker Gyokeres, from Propellerheads Aerial Photography, to get his take on why he switched from homebuilding drones to DJI.

Join us for this multifaceted episode on the latest in drone technology, and listen for a B&H Photography Podcast exclusive promo code to get free propellers and a discount on the extended protection plan for the Mavic Pro, from DJI.

Guests: Adam Lisberg, Randy Scott Slavin, Andrew Scrivani, Sara Dietschy, Kraig Adams, Ollie Ritchie, Roberto Blake, Chris Barrows, Amir Zonozi, and Parker Gyokeres

Photographs © John R Harris

The DJI Inspire 2 Drone

Flying the Phantom 4 Pro on the roof of the Bathhouse Studio

Randy Scott Slavin and Allan Weitz

Andrew Scrivani

Kraig Adams, Ollie Ritchie, Allan Weitz and Sara Dietschy

Parker Gyokeres with the Inspire 2

My first photo taken with a drone


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Did you guys just mention my name? ...... thanks H&B huge fan here I listen to ALL the podcast one by one took me over 3 weeks but learn alot from you guys, plus the funny comments you guys make make my day.

Yes Jose...we wanted to thank you for listening and for the supportive comments, we really do appreciate it. Muchisimas gracias!

Congratulations this week is the Podcast is fantastic as usual. Please invite Sara Dietschy for an entire podcast interview. She's an inspiration to all content creators.

Thanks Leo...  Okay, we will look into that and in the meantime, you can find more of Sara's content here.