Apple M2 Mac Studio: Power and Speed Under the Hood


We put the new M2 Mac Studio to the test. How fast can the M2 Mac Studio export video in different codecs across different editing software? The results may surprise you (in a good way).

  • 0:00 - Introduction 
  • 0:31 – In-Depth Specs 
  • 1:44 - Speed Test in Adobe Premiere 
  • 3:13 - Speed Test in Davinci Resolve 
  • 4:33 - Speed Test Using Software Encoding 
  • 6:38 - CPU & GPU Usage 
  • 7:28 - M2 Ultra Mac Pro Tower 
  • 7:55 - Benefits of the M2 Mac Studio 
  • 8:16 - Final Thoughts

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So what would compare to this machine in the PC/Intel world? Does it have an equal? Very curious as I'm due for upgrade of older PC but I just dislike how you can't upgrade Apple devices.

Hi Michael - 

The PC/INTEL universe does not offer a similar type of product.  The  compact footprint, build quality, complex architecture and functionality are quite unique. If you would like additional guidance or have questions please email us:  [email protected]