Art is Helping | A New Model For Art and Philanthropy


Salem Krieger presents his Art Is Helping project. Art Is Helping brings artists and charitable organizations together, supporting both the non-profit organizations and the artists. Buyers can purchase archival exhibition quality pigment prints while donating to charities of their choice. A portion of their purchase price is tax deductible.

The available charities represent a wide range of important causes including the sustainability of the planet, feeding the homeless, comforting at-risk-animals, contributing to native American causes, and providing help to veterans - just some of the shared goals of Art Is Helping.

Topics covered will be how artists can be pro-active with their art; and going beyond the concept that art is just something you place on your wall and look at.

Viewers will walk away with a new model of aiding those in need. For artists, it breaks the old model of simply donating art to non-profits to help them raise funds.