How to Create Standout Travel Images


In this B&H video, photographer Forrest Smith presents his travel-photography process, from camera gear to Lightroom editing. Smith focuses on photo editing and goes into detail about why he selects certain images and how color, composition, and contrast are used to bring those images to life. Like what you see here? Come back as often as you wish, and enjoy our extensive library of informative videos. What's your creative process like? Tell us about it in the Comments section!



I know it is a challenge to fill your video moments with good material, but this was not one of them. As Ted J said, I couldn’t watch to the end. His frequent use of “ya” and no technique tips made it hard to watch. 

I would suggest the presenter work on his presentation skills.  This felt disjointed and not well prepared.  Over use of "Ya" indicates lack of preparation.  Did not watch to the end for lack of information.