How to Shoot a Timelapse


Improve your time-lapse technique with this video from B&H and Zacuto. Chase Kubasiak presents four considerations that help create more professional looking time-lapse videos; from which cameras and gear will get the job done, to practical advice on how to achieve the best image quality. Kubasiak also discusses how to execute the “Holy Grail Technique,” an advanced time-lapse achievement that can really bring your videos to new dimensions. Check it out below! We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at




They speak of a software that smoothens out the manual exposures during the day to night timelapse.

Which software/technique are they referencing?



Please publish a "part two".... How to Assemble a Time-lapse from .jpeg Images.

Which software (Windows compatible & safe) can be used?

Hi Lin,

I am forwarding your wish to our video team. Thanks for watching!

I concur with Cubby, a most illuminating & explanatory video. I watched it 3x to try and absorb the instructions.

Exellent! The motion blur consideration and manually adjusting aperture info were very useful. I enjoyed the well-organized presentation as well. Thanks!