How to Take Striking Astro Photos: 5 Astrophotography Composition Tips, with Autumn Schrock


In this photography tutorial, you will learn how to photograph the night sky in a way that stands out. Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member and travel photographer Autumn Schrock shares her photography composition tips to improve your astro photos.

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Beautiful images, but 1) sometimes in a well exposed night sky in a dark sky location will result in TOO MANY stars, and obscure intricate structures within the night sky, especially the Milky Wa; whereas a technique known as "Star Reduction" will allow some of the structure become more apparent. Also if the stars are the slightest bit out of focus, the perfect image will appear off, and focusing is the most difficult part of night photography. Focusing aids such as a Bahtinov Grating, and there are several appropriate such as or the Lonely Speck SharpStar 2. Nothing is more frustrating than having an ALMOST perfect composition only to find the stars appear slightly bloated 

Hi Chuck,

The photos are from Autumn and we will pass the compliment!

As a fellow shooter of the night sky, I agree with you about the challenges of focus! I have certainly gone home to find expansive night sky photos of mushy stars! Ugh.

I actually included a Bhatinov focus mask in my list of gifts for night photographers:…

And, in one of my first articles for Explora, I bemoaned the lack of hard stops at infinity focus on modern lenses that certainly does not help the issue.…

Thanks for sharing your tips and thanks for reading Explora!



An absolutely "Stellar" video, Autumn!  Are all these photos yours?   They were exquisite!!!

On behalf of Ms. Schrock, we thank you. The photos are all hers, and we appreciate the compliment!

Very informative and nicely done video.  Thank you Autumn!

We're glad you enjoyed the video and hope you took away some useful tips. Thanks for watching!