Sunset Photography for Beginners


Summer is the perfect time to start practicing your sunset photography! Maria shows you what camera gear and settings to use, how to plan a sunset photo shoot, and how to compose sunset photos. A golden hour photo shoot can yield amazing results, not only in landscape photography, but portrait photography as well.



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Sorry for the inconvenience. We have corrected the issue and the video should be available to watch again.

Thanks for writing in

Great presentation.  I really appreciated the alternative settings for the same scene.  I'll be trying those soon.

Why didn't you use the lens foot??

Why didn't you discuss flash, since you already had a model?

The video on sunset photography was super! Very helpful. Please do more like that.

Happy to hear that it helped, Steve

Excellent, thank you for making this!  Checking the path of the sun on a given day or time of year is an excellent tip.  Along with that, if it's a planned session, check tide tables as well.  Tides can have a huge effect on what the beach looks like (and smells like), and even how much beach you have.

If you do a follow-up, would that be about ways to bring light to your friend?  Silhouettes are beautiful, but lighted subjects with sunset backdrops are really nice too.  It's great to have options.  :)

Thanks Anthony for your comment. Flashing wasn’t discussed because this is beginner video one just shooting the sunset and silhouettes but ways to bring light to the friend would be either using a strobe or a continuous LED on the subject.

Thanks for the great video, Maria!  I especially appreciate that you provided the details (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) for each photo so that I could pause the video and study the differences between the photos.  Looking forward to trying out your techniques soon!

Kris, Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know how it goes.