Touching The Sun: The Life Cycle Of Stars and the Ultimate Fate of Our Sun


Join Marc Silber at the B&H Event Space for a dynamic seminar that covers the basics from his new book Advancing Your Photography -- the definitive handbook that will take you through the entire process of becoming an accomplished photographer. From teaching you the basics to exploring the stages of the cycle of photography, Silber makes it clear and easy for you to master the art form.

When Galileo first championed Heliocentrism during the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century humanity strived to know exactly what the sun is and how it works. Over the next several hundred years we have inched closer and closer in our pursuit to touch the face of this celestial body and with the help of modern advancements in technology, we now have unprecedented access and information which helps us further our goal.

In August 2017 all eyes will once again point starward in order to observe the first solar eclipse over the United States in a generation.

B&H is proud to host NASA ambassador Margarita Kraynova as she helps us understand some fascinating facts about this big ball of plasma. The presentation will begin with a discussion about the size of the sun in relationship to the Earth in order to show how small and far away we are. We will also cover spectroscopy where we will discuss how astronomers use light to determine star composition.

Moreover, Margarita discusses the life cycle of stars and the ultimate fate of our sun. We will conclude with a discussion about the upcoming eclipse, showing a simulation of what it will actually look like in August.

B&H has a host of equipment to allow you to photograph, make video, and experience this once in a generation phenomena. This video will give you a background so that when you use this gear, you will have a fundamental understanding of exactly what you are recording.

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