Nanlite Releases PavoTube II RGBWW LED Pixel Tubes


Nanlite has announced the PavoTube II 15x and 30x RGBWW LED Pixel Tubes, updating the popular fixtures to include pixel-based special effects, DMX compatibility, boosted output, better diffusion, a stronger housing, and revamped app control. An on-location favorite, these portable lights can provide a splash of color, match ambient light, or be used to build up a lighting environment from scratch. The 15x is 24" and the 30x is 48" in length.

 PavoTube II 15x (left) and 30x (right)
PavoTube II 15x (left) and 30x (right)

The second-gen PavoTube offers an expanded color temperature range of 2700-12000K with green to magenta adjustment and a CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98 for precise and accurate output. Additionally, full-spectrum RGB hue and saturation controls allow you to further tweak output to get the exact desired effect. Speaking of effects, in addition to the 15 practical effects introduced with its predecessor, the new light includes 10 new pixel-based effects, including: Hue Loop, CCT Loop, INT Loop, Multi-Color, Gradient, Scrolling, Marching, Flame, Rainbow, and Driving.

Other updates include an upgraded control pack with locking buttons, enhanced app control, and DMX compatibility. A larger illumination area produces brighter output from the new light, as well as more uniform diffusion. The PavoTube II also features an updated metal housing, adding to its durability and prolonging life on set. Three ¼"-20 receivers provide a range of mounting possibilities.

Lithium-ion batteries provide up to 1 hour and 26 minutes (15x) or 1 hour and 36 minutes (30x) at full brightness with a recharge time of 2 hours or 2 hours and 40 minutes, respectively, via an included AC adapter. Accompanying the new lights is a handful of accessories, including waterproof housings, fabric barndoors, and a foldable floor stand. The lights are available individually or as multi-light kits.

PavoTube II 15x Kit
PavoTube II 30x Kit

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