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Shopper Approved

B&H Photo is the recipient of the Shopper Approved 5-Star Excellence Award. With thousands of Shopper Approved ratings and reviews, B&H has consistently maintained a 5-star rating in all seven key categories, including Overall Satisfaction Rating, Product Satisfaction, Delivery Satisfaction, Customer Service and more.

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Google Shopping

B&H Photo enjoys a stellar 4.9 rating on Google Shopping reviews. Google Customer Reviews is a free service that collects comments after a customer completes a purchase.

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B&H Photo has won the BizRate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for 16 years (12 consecutively)! Over 275,000 online consumers have given us an outstanding rating for ease of website use, on-time delivery, customer support, products meeting expectations, likelihood of shopping again and overall satisfaction.

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B&H Photo regularly ranks at the top of Trustpilot's Photo & Video category. Trustpilot is the largest and fastest-growing community for sharing online shopping experiences.

Reseller Ratings

B&H Photo is an Elite merchant member of ResellerRatings.com, where nearly 10,000 shoppers have awarded B&H top marks for ease of use, fast checkout, great service and more.

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B&H Photo is the recipient of the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval, which means that our services were rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 among nearly half a million ratings. eKomi collects and manages independent, transparent reviews via real customer feedback for shops, products and services.

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B&H Photo enjoys an average rating of 5-out-of-5 stars for service, value, shipping, returns and quality on Sitejabber, a leading destination for customer ratings and business reviews.

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B&H Photo ranks highly with savvy shoppers worldwide, as evidenced by our standing with Reviews.co.uk—an online platform where consumers from around the globe come together and share their experiences, regardless of whether they bought online or on the high street.

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B&H Photo's excellent rating on Tripadvisor is thanks to hundreds of discerning shoppers who have shared their stellar experiences on the world's largest travel site, encouraging like-minded travelers to visit NYC's Tech Destination.

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B&H Photo has been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 1987. Because B&H adheres to the highest standard of business ethics, millions of satisfied customers testify to our integrity and exceptional service before, during and after each sale.

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