Unveiled: Canon ME20F-SH, 35mm Full-Frame Camera with up to 4,000,000 ISO


Enclosing a super-sensitive full-HD 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor inside a small form factor body, the new Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera can record color images in near-complete darkness, while its cubic chassis can be placed unobtrusively on set or in the wild. While the sensor is only 2.2 megapixels (effective) in resolution, each pixel measures 19 microns, making it more than 7.5 times larger than an equivalent 18.1 megapixel 35mm full-frame sensor. This large pixel size allows the sensor to gather much more light in all situations. This helps images taken in low-light situations maintain a low noise floor for cleaner and more vivid video.

The chassis is ruggedized and features multiple mounting points for discreet placement. The camera’s form factor, combined with its low-light sensitivity, make it ideal for many applications including reality television, nature, and wildlife, documentary, security, and law enforcement. The camera’s ISO reaches 4,000,000 (you read that correctly, four million) so dimly lit scenarios no longer have to be captured in monochrome using infrared light.

Using Canon’s EF mount, the camera is fully compatible with Canon’s EF line of lenses, including the CN-E lenses with electronic communication. Using the built-in crop mode, the camera is also compatible with EF-S lenses and Canon’s Cine Servo zoom lenses, which can be controlled through the camera, as well. The camera does not record video internally; rather, it sends 1080p video at up to 60 fps out from its 3G-SDI and HDMI terminals. One SDI terminal and the HDMI terminal can be programmed to include OSD (onscreen display) information for camera operation. The camera settings can be adjusted using the on-camera controls or via a remote control connected with the 2.5mm jack or the RS-422 terminal.

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Love to see some images.

What 's the dynamic range and MSRP?

They have not published any details regarding its dynamic range yet, we'll keep our eyes open for when they do. The Canon ME20F-SH is expected to be available in December 2015 at a suggested retail price of $30,000.

Wow!  I was just in a class this last week where the teacher suggested that ISO was going to be the new megapixel soon.  Looks like soon is here!

I was hoping that the lens mount was not EF/EF-S. (You know, like my cute and inexpensive SL1.)  Then I could get this camera out of my mind!  Not that I deserve this camera at all!  I can't wait to see some images.

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I can wait to see some images...

Any word of price??

One report stated $32,000 USD

Who writes this stuff.....
Form factor? = size
Ruggedized? = rugged construction
Interesting piece of kit.
Sounds expensive!

Yeah, $30,000.00

Looks like a GoPro on steroids!

Does anybody knows where could watch some images?

Does anybody knows where could watch some images?


Does anyone know where I [we/you/one] could look at some images.


Not yet.

And please don't spam with multiple postings of your question in a row, without even an hour's pause -- it won't get a better answer for the time being, but it will annoy most people (like incessant nagging).

Why not put your typing energy into typing instead "ME20F-SH images" into some online search engines, rather than retyping the same badly phrased question repeatedly? (Like an annoying child asking stridently "Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!")

Do you really think someone on a tiny message board will answer your query before the world-wide Internet? (Or can you really not think of doing a search by yourself in this day and age, where such a thing is more commonly done than opening a book or changing one's underwear?)

WOW, instead of beating the person up, why not give them alittle slack....they could be from a different country and they could be doing the best that they can...most people type just like they speak.

Maybe it makes you feel more manly to belittle people, if that's the case, you really need to seek help.

Canon ME20F SH - Many people will agree Canon have created a gem by producing the ME20F SH camera which films in the dark.

The ME20F SH is very cool, compact and great for movie directors and folks with an extra bit of cash to spend, however the price is set to come down by next year.

Check out the Canon ME20F SH full specifications, plus buy the M20F SH here: http://www.canonme20fsh.com/

At $30K+, another nail in the coffin of professional photographers who do anything but the most lucrative commercial work.  Goes right along with the (initial) doubling in price of the 500MM F4.  Thank you, Canon!