Podcast: Bird Photography


Bird photography is a big deal around B&H, and we’re not just talking about the lenses needed to get those wonderful close-ups of warblers, herons, gulls, and raptors. Bird photography is a passion that grabs pros and amateurs alike and seems to not let go; there are very few photographers as dedicated to their craft (and gear) as bird photographers. We are fortunate to have two photographers with us to discuss the gear, technique, and protocols necessary to capture pleasing images of our feathered friends.

David Speiser is a member of the Board of Directors of New York City Audubon and has been an avid bird photographer for more than twenty years. He has an incredible body of work that includes birds of all varieties, and brings not only technical excellence to his photographs, but a birder’s meticulousness to his archive. Klemens Gasser is a visual artist who became enthralled with birding several years ago and turned his fixation into an exhibit of bird photographs enlarged to 72 inches across. He brings an artist’s spirit to his bird photography and humor to our discussion, and clearly loves the thrill of the chase.

We speak with these two photographers about the gear and apps they use, their shooting styles, favorite locations, and how digital technology has transformed bird photography. Join us for some very practical advice and a fun conversation.

Guests: David Speiser and Klemens Gasser

Baltimore oriole, photograph © David Speiser
Blackburnian warbler, photograph © David Speiser
Canada warbler, photograph © David Speiser
Great gray owl, photograph © David Speiser
Prairie warbler, photograph © David Speiser
Red-shouldered hawk, photograph © David Speiser
Red-tailed hawk, photograph © David Speiser
Snowy owl, photograph © David Speiser
Spruce grouse, photograph © David Speiser
Upland sandpiper, photograph © David Speiser
Common grackle, photograph © Klemens Gasser
American bittern, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Snowy owl I, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Glaucous gull, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Saltmarsh sparrow, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Franklin’s gull, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Painted bunting, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Snowy owl II, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Snowy owl III, photograph © Klemens Gasser
Klemens Gasser, Allan Weitz, David Speiser, photograph © John Harris


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Enjoyed your podcast on birds but I must inform you that Bosque del Apache is not what it used to be. Federal cutback in personnel have left the refuge unable to do the things like cutting window that photographers need. The corn is far better at other locations so that's where the birds go during the day. It is still a good location for fly-out and fly-in but during the day, a stste refuge 52 miles north on I-25 is so much better. I speak with the knowledge from being a volunteer at Bosque del Apache since 1999. Thanks for talking birds

Jerry...thanks for this feedback.. It is good information for birders and also great to know that our podcast is reaching listeners invested in the subjects we cover.  One question...what is "cutting window"  ?  We are making guesses here but woud love an expert answer. Thanks again

B&H you have OUTDONE yourself with providing this service on a topic very dear to my heart.


I am an aspiring wildlife photographer, and really need something like this.


I hope that this goes into RECOMMENDED SETTINGS for optimum bird photo shoots.

Louis...thanks so much, we really appreciate this comment and happy the episode provides some inspiration.  I hope it gets recommended too!