5 Tips for Wildlife Photography from a Boat, with Lisa Langell


Join Lisa Langell out in the field as she photographs wildlife and shares her photography tips for taking photos from a boat. She offers her advice about taking photographs of wildlife, camera settings, the proper camera gear, and more!

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Kachemak Bay and surrounding nesting areas are awesome! I agree with your analysis of image stabilization, camera settings and body position; however, I personally prefer full manual including ISO — take a test shot and check your curves before continuing. If you shoot in RAW, you can correct in post. I prefer to shoot with a monopod and a gimbal head when shooting from the boat (often a 14’ skiff) and Canon’s IS #3 setting works perfectly in this scenario... Being disabled, I prefer to shoot with a prime (500mm L IS f/4.0) and shoot center point focus on the eye at f/4 with an EOS 5D-IV. Kachemak Bay can get rough and when it does, handheld works best to capture wildlife images; however, I prefer to use my monopod without a gimbal head to slow down the momentum of my camera and lens — it’s heavy but stable, perfect for sea otters... If you get a chance, visit Pederson Bay and/or Seldovia for more photo opportunities...

Thanks for the sound advice, Michael. We love hearing from readers about their own approach and technique. Hopefully, this will help some of your fellow wildlife photographers.