Better Photographic Composition: Beyond the Rule of Thirds


In this program, David Brommer covers the basic concepts of composition as established by the masters of the Renaissance. Commencing with the classic rule of thirds and leaping into theories of color and balance, David will touch upon a range of topics, including: image construction, positive and negative space, as well as other advanced composition concepts.

General shooting questions like, “Is the shot better if it’s a horizontal or vertically composed?” and conceptual ideas such as integrating theme and subject context are explored. Another factor to be considered is color vs. black and white, and how these two treatments can influence the visual impact of the photograph. Just when your head is spinning with new cropping and composing ideas, David will demonstrates special shooting techniques including how to create a pan blur, zooming the lens during exposure and low angle (worms eye view) shooting tips.

David Brommer's Work: