First Look | Nikon D850


Join David Flores as he tries out the Nikon D850 in the studio and outdoors. In this hands-on review, Flores uses the heavily anticipated body to shoot portraits in natural light and paired with Nikon’s SB-5000 Speedlight. Next, the D850’s touchscreen features are tested for shooting stills and video. Finally, the in-camera slow motion and 8k time lapse capabilities offered by the new body are put to the test.




halo saya juga punya tapi nikon p520?

Unfortunately the Nikon P520 is no longer available.

Lol, 6 minutes of video about the D850 and not a single mention of the elephants in the living room; dynamic range, and high ISO performance. Not a good sign given that the D5 has horrible dynamic range... But, the D5 does have very good high ISO performance. And in relative terms, the D500/D7500 have great dynamic range AND high ISO performance. So, Nikon CAN make an all-around really good DX sensor in-house (without relying on Sony). But they have never done so in FX. Nikon sure bragged about the D500's DR and ISO performance, but other than "outstanding dynamic range" on the D850's Nikon homepage, Nikon's not saying anything about the D850's DR or ISO performance...


I wanna believe in the D850, but with Nikon's habit of always taking some really good thing(s) away from the previous model to make the new model, I don't give Nikon the benefit of the doubt anymore. I guess we shall see...

How is this in low light situations especially in video.  This is where Nikon usually fails and cannon excels.

Will my AF-S Nikkor lenses work with this camera. I just purchased a AF-SNikkor 200-500 mm 1:5.6E ED lense. Nikon VR

The D850 probably will push the DxO mark above 100.  Until the D850, the D810 has had the highest rating at 97.  The D850 will be an astonishlngly sharp camera.  My D750 has taken incredibly sharp photos as well.  One of the aspects of sharpness is the systems design, matching lens to sensor.  If you do the calculations, the D850 sensor comes close to matching the sharpest lenses, which I calculate to be around a 50MP sensor, but that can of course vary.  We should look to seeing the finest enlargements from D850 images.

And obviously Nikon has employed the processor that can handle the increased file size of these images, another aspect of good systems design.