FUJIFILM Announces the GFX 100 II and Three FUJINON GF Prime Lenses


The future of FUJIFILM medium-format cameras is here and with it is an array of new G-mount lenses. An all-new 102MP sensor and X-Processor 5 make the GFX 100 II the most powerful medium-format mirrorless camera from FUJIFILM yet. Set to be the new FUJIFILM mirrorless flagship, this mighty newcomer boasts a back side illuminated sensor with a sensitivity range from ISO 80-12800 and is expandable to ISO 40-102400. Unlike the GFX 100, a vertical grip isn't built-in but the newly announced VG-GFX100 II Vertical Battery Grip can be attached for users who prefer that orientation or who need the extended battery life. Also debuting are three new FUJINON GF primes: the GF 55mm f/1.7 R WR, GF 30mm f/5.6 T/S, and GF 110mm f/5.6 T/S Macro lenses.

FUJIFILM GFX 100 II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera
FUJIFILM GFX 100 II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

While its GFX system predecessors all offer unique benefits, the GFX 100 II combines the best functions of them and adds a plethora of useful features. The body offers slots for a CFexpress Type B and UHS-II SD card. Improvements to autofocus and updated tracking allow the GFX 100 II to maintain focus of its subject easily, regardless of motion. Create images at up to 8 fps with the camera's high-speed mechanical shutter or record 4k/60p video at the full width of the GFX 100 II's impressive 55mm imaging sensor. Eight stops of in-body stabilization give you confidence when shooting at slower shutter speeds because you'll experience much less camera shake. Simultaneously, more stabilization means better low-light performance. Take full advantage of this by shooting with lenses that benefit from the full eight stops available.

The GFX 100 II's upgraded viewfinder has 9.44m dots and can be tilted and detached. Alternatively, when shooting without the EVF, you'll benefit from the camera's 3.2", three-way tilting touchscreen color LCD. Built into the top of the camera is a sub-LCD that provides quick access to your settings.

The GFX100 II provides specified crops and aspect ratios for multiple cinema formats, which includes full-width GF Format, FUJINON PREMISTA (Vista Vision), and 35mm. With a GF to PL adapter, utilize the 55mm large-format imaging sensor with the best optics, including FUJIFILM's collection of FUJINON Premista and Cabrio zoom lenses. Additionally, the GFX 100 II offers two different high-resolution 35mm anamorphic recording modes with in-camera de-squeeze monitoring options.

If you're looking to pair your GFX system camera with a cine-style lens, one of these new optics could be right for you. The GF 55mm f/1.7 is a lightweight portrait prime that's extremely fast and excellent in low-light conditions. Next is the GF 30mm f/5.6 T/S, which is a wide-angle, tilt-shift prime that gives you full control of your depth of field. The GF 110mm f/5.6 T/S Macro lens gives you incredible sharpness when shooting close to your subjects and simultaneously provides added focus control with its tilt-shift function. Both T/S lenses have a built-in sensor to record the amount of tilt and shift rotation that's performed automatically.

For more information about the GFX 100 II or GF Lenses, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the GFX 100 II, GF 55mm f/1.7 R WR, GF 30mm f/5.6 T/S, GF 110mm f/5.6 T/S Macro, and VG-GFX100 II Vertical Battery Grip, or drop us a line below, and we'll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.


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8K RAW from a medium format sensor!!! 🤯 I really hope they do release a GFX 50r II though, I have the 50r and while it is kinda of slow it is an amazingly designed camera, the ergonomics are amazing!