Logitech Blue Sona: The Broadcast Microphone for Today's Creators


Serious creators looking for the right microphone for their broadcasting and podcasting needs are definitely going to want to check out the recently announced Blue Sona from Logitech, a supercardioid active dynamic microphone with ClearAmp technology for exceptional sound quality and plenty of gain.

Logitech Blue Sona
Logitech Blue Sona

Dynamic microphones have proven a great fit for podcasting, especially when used in project studios or untreated acoustic spaces, because their less sensitive capsules pick up audio close to the mic and capture fewer unwanted distracting sounds like keyboard clicks, background noise, and room reflections. But a drawback to many dynamics is that you have to crank up the gain at the preamp to get a usable signal level—and that can add noise, especially if you're using less-than-stellar equipment. Commonly, the problem is solved with a high-quality in-line preamp, but the genius of the Blue Sona is that its built-in proprietary ClearAmp technology operates on 24 to 48 V phantom power to provide a +25 dB boost of clean gain. So even if you're not using top-of-the-line studio gear, you can still get clear, broadcast-quality audio your listeners will appreciate, without the need (and added expense) of an in-line preamp.

Of course, all the gain in the world won't help you much if the mic doesn't sound good, and the Blue Sona has been engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality for speech and voice-over work. Its dual-diaphragm capsule, where one capsule is optimized for voice pick-up while the other absorbs vibrations and reduces handling noise, delivers broadcast-ready results with superb detail and smooth low-end. In addition, the capsule's supercardioid polar pattern provides tightly focused pick-up on the subject for less background sound and ambient noise. The Sona performs best when you're about two to four inches away from the mic, and you can experiment to see which position works best for you. To further tailor your sound, behind the neat magnetic panel on the back of the mic is a presence boost switch that emphasizes the high frequencies to give your voice added clarity. Also back here is a high pass switch that you can engage to filter out low-end frequencies; this is especially useful if you like the sound you're getting when you're up close to the mic, but you want a bit less bottom end.

The Blue Sona looks as good as it sounds with models available in off-white and dark graphite, is the perfect complement to other luxe creator accessories like the shown Litra Beam from Logitech. Each model comes with two pop filters—one in black and one in red—that click securely into place to protect the capsule from moisture while reducing breath and plosive noises for better-sounding speech. The attached yoke offers a 290° swivel mount for precise positioning with a quick attachment knob threaded for 3/8" standard boom arms and mic stands (a 5/8" adapter is included). On the bottom of the mic is the sleek XLR output connector.

So there you have it, podcasters, broadcasters, and streamers: Logitech and Blue have crafted an XLR microphone tailored to deliver rich, dynamic speech with plenty of worry-free gain, just for you.

Are you looking forward to trying the Logitech Blue Sona on your next creative endeavor? Let us know, in the Comments section, below! We'd love to hear from you.



What LED lights are feature in the photos? The strip light behind the monitor and the small clip on light on top of the monitor? 

Hi David,

The strip light behind the monitor is the Litra Beam Desktop Light from Logitech, linked here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1720047-REG/logitech_946_000006_litra_beam.html

This is a USB-powered LED that has adjustable brightness and color temperature along with customizable height, tilt, and rotation to optimize directional light.

The small clip light on top of the monitor is the Litra Glow Premium Streaming Light, also from Logitech, linked here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1679556-REG/logitech_946_000001_litra_glow_premium_streaming.html

Like the Litra Beam, this light has adjustable brightness and color temperature. It includes a frameless diffuser to create the wide, soft glow pictured.