Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt 2 Interfaces : Hands-On Review


In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates Universal Audio’s next-generation Apollo Thunderbolt 2 audio interfaces (Thunderbolt 2 lets you connect to the latest hi-res displays and doubles the bandwidth of the original Thunderbolt by offering 20 Gb/s of speed via two channels in both directions). This video showcases the three rackmount models, including the Apollo 8, Apollo 8p and the Apollo 16, as well as the desktop Apollo Twin. Topics covered include the physical input and outputs of each interface, the front-panel layout, and how the console software allows you to record with included UAD2 effects in real time. Rives also discusses the use of the Unison preamp technology, which is a preamp emulation that changes the impedance, gain staging, and circuit behavior of the preamp being modeled. Furthermore, Rives talks about the included UAD plug-ins, the new monitor section of the interfaces, and the updated A/D and D/A converters. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com




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