Announcing the DJI Osmo Action 3 Camera


Announcing the Osmo Action 3 from DJI. Outfitted with the same caliber of action camera technology from DJI that we have come to know and love, the Osmo Action 3 takes on the familiar characteristics of its predecessors but pushes the envelope a bit further. The result is a camera well-suited to meet the demands of inclement weather and high-impact action while boasting stunning, high-quality video and more power and control.

Osmo Action 3

Osmo Action 3

New and Improved Imagery

A return to form, the Action 3 shares the same design as the Osmo Action while retaining many of the interface updates of the Action 2 modular camera. Like the Osmo Action, the Action 3 features dual touchscreens at the front and back of the camera for live video monitoring. It can also capture 12MP still photos and supports voice control when the camera is mounted out of reach. Like the Action 2, the Action 3 can shoot up to UHD 4K video at 120 fps with a much wider field of view at 155°. Its updated RockSteady 3.0 Electronic Image Stabilization can function at its maximum recording resolution for ultra-smooth video. HorizonSteady and HorizonBalancing eliminate camera shake and corrects tilt at any angle to maintain your horizon line.

Weather and Impact Resistant

The Action 3 retains the same 5' impact-resistance as the Osmo Action while increasing its durability in other applications. Its cold resistance can withstand temperatures as low as -4° F and the camera body can be submerged up to 52.5' underwater without a housing. A hydrophobic coating on the dual screens and lens cover repel water quickly so your image isn’t impacted negatively.

Improved Power and Control

2.5-hour battery life and native fast charging support via the camera’s USB Type-C port increase the time you have to capture the action. Bluetooth 5.0 technology connects you to the DJI Mimo app for enhanced control, livestreaming, and shooting modes. The LightCut Video Editor app is optimized for use with the Action 3 for lightning-fast edits using its built-in templates and AI highlight selection.

Ready for Your Next Adventure

Whether it be for mountain biking, diving, or surfing, the Action 3 bundles will outfit you with all the tools you need to kickstart your next expedition. The Standard Combo gives you the camera, an additional Extreme Battery, protective frame, Lens Protective Cover, quick-release adaptive mount, flat adhesive base, locking screw, and USB Type-C power cable. The Adventure Combo expands upon this with a Multifunctional Battery Case and 4.9' extension rod. Both kits supply various mounting options to secure your Action 3 and keep it powered throughout a rigorous day of shooting.

Sport-specific kits such as the Biking Accessory Kit and Diving Accessory Kit provide more specialized mounts and equipment. The bike kit supplies you with a Chest Strap Mount and Handlebar Mount to secure the Action 3 to your bike or your person for dynamic first-person footage. The diving kit has a floating selfie stick and a locking screw to secure the camera, as well as a Waterproof Case and anti-fog inserts to record underwater video at greater depths.

Other Accessories

A slew of other accessories and kits give you innumerable options when it comes to mounting your Action 3, making sure you don’t miss any of the action. The Adhesive Base Kit comes with a flat adhesive base, a locking screw, and a quick-release adapter mount. The Extension Rod Kit has the 4.9' extension rod, quick-release mount, and locking screw. Other stand-alone accessories, such as the Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, Suction Cup Mount, Helmet Chin Mount, and Surfing Tethers, can attach your Action 3 to almost any surface for limitless shooting possibilities.

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I would serious consider getting this for professional use. Longtime GoPro user, but I have DJI Ronin SC gimbal.

Thank you very much, Bob A. We always appreciate feedback from our readers.