How to Shoot Slow-Motion Video


Want to learn how to shoot in slow motion? Follow along as Matt Matkin explains the ins and outs of slow-motion shooting and lets us know which settings to choose and which gear to use, along with many other useful suggestions.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:19 - Settings (Including Frames Per Second)
  • 1:24 - What to Shoot
  • 2:14 - How to Shoot
  • 3:42 - Smooth Footage, Handheld



I teach the New Media program at Portland Arts & Technology High School (PATHS) here in ME. This video is going to be very useful when I work with my students on shooting slo-mo. I love the simple yet concise explanation. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for your comment, David! We hope your students find it helpful.