About Event Space

The B&H Event Space is a leading-edge learning environment designed to educate, inspire, and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, who aspire to be great at what they love to do. By offering free workshops and lectures in photography, video and pro audio, it is our mission to help those in this community achieve their goals.

The B&H Event Space partners with major manufacturers in the imaging industry and academic institutions in the arts to produce a wide range of workshops and seminars covering a vast spectrum of topics. B&H "Mavens," employees who are experts on a specific topic, teach classes in the Event Space. On Sundays, high-profile and emerging photographers, as well as industry professionals, deliver inspirational lectures about their work and spin their personal tales of success.

The B&H Event Space is more than a physical space. We feature event videos online that are also available through podcasts, so that you can view them at home or while traveling.

B&H Mavens

Allan Weitz began taking photographs - commercial and otherwise - when the term 'digital' meant doing something with your fingers. Primarily known as a yachting and editorial photographer, his work has appeared in Life, New York Magazine, Nautical Quarterly, Forbes, Yachting, Boating, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and Philadelphia Magazine to name a few. As a writer, his work has appeared in Popular Photography, Camera Arts, View Camera, Picture, as well as advertising and promotional publications for Nikon, Epson, Fuji, Hasselblad, and SinarBron. Allan currently serves as Senior Copywriter and Head Muckitymuck of Creative Content for the B&H Website... and he loves every minute of it.

David Brommer is a NYC based photographer who currently works as the B&H Event Space Manager. Well versed in photography from pixels to platinum, David has created a body of work centering on portraits of fringe society that is slated for a traveling exhibition and a book aptly titled, "Seattle Suspects". David operated the gallery "Suspect Photography" in Seattle during the 90's and continues to explore new technology and old techniques.

Gabriel Biderman is a travel and self-taught fine art photographer for over 15 years. He states proudly, "I love the process of creating the image. Classic cameras, Pinholes, and Plastic Cameras help push the visions along - I'm a big fan of choosing a specific camera to get me into a certain mindset. I try to spend some quality time in my Darkroom every week - though, thanks to Lensbabies, the digital darkroom is piquing my interest in pixels!" Gabe's work has been featured in photography exhibits in San Francisco, New York, London, and Hawaii as well as being published in print and on the internet. Currently Gabriel can be found on the road at photo trade shows and industry events marketing for B&H Photo Video and Pro-Audio. He also teaches workshops on night photography across the country.

Joey Quintero was born in Tucson Arizona, and schooled as a chemist. Joey is known for his critical eye and applies his technical drive with his passion for photography. The creative process was exposed to him at an early age, having grown up on movie Sets, while helping his chef father cater for the Stars. He would sneak away to lend a helping hand to the Camera Operators and crew. Over the years, he got hooked! Coinciding his studies in Chemistry at the University of Arizona, Joey has an extensive background in Art History, and studied Photography at the Speos Institute in Paris. Joey shoots for top independent Fashion Designers, and Look Books in New York City. In addition, Joey also enjoys sharing and teaching at lectures and workshops and can be found in the Lighting department of B&H offering his expertise to professional photographers.

Larry Cohen Larry Cohen has worked as a studio and location photographer for many years. His clients included Baccarat Crystal, Fuji, Kodak, Sony, General Electric, Time Warner and others. His underwater photos have appeared in such publications as Sports Diver, Alert Diver, Canadian Diver, Scuba Diving and Immersed Magazine. For Northeast Dive News his photos have been on the cover more times than any other photographer. He is also the NY correspondent for the international web based magazine X-Ray. He is a past president of the NYC Sea Gypsies, and a founding member of The New York Underwater Photographic Society. He also crews on the New Jersey dive boat, the John Jack. When not underwater, Larry spends his time advising B&H Customers on what gear they need to get amazing photographs.


   I am grateful to you and B&H for hosting educational seminars in areas that are of considerable interest to me. I flew in from Kansas for 5 of them…  

Stu Nowlin

   I will remember today for a long time. I lot of valuable information presented in a wonderful friendly manner…  

Bill Jones

   Thanks for all that I've learned this year at B&H. It deserves all the credit--I've been part of various photography shows this year and had a show of my own (imagine that!)…  

Alina Oswald

   This experience is inspiring me to really look at becoming a pro. I am getting about 2-3 gigs a month (not lots $ of yet), but people keep calling…  

Bruce Fuller

   This is just a little note to let you know how much I love you seminars. I've been to 3 (Joe McNally, Lumedyne and Canon 40D) of them and they have been great. They have been very informative and I've gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from them.   

Nelson F. Diaz

   The best part of the class is the instructors know and use the things they are teaching. When I left each class I was ready and confident to take good photographs…Just look at what B&H is doing, they are not only selling the camera and equipment they are showing me how to better my experience with my purchase.   

Chester Adamik