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Cooperative Purchasing For All Your Technology Needs

Save time and money by purchasing through the competitively-awarded E&I contract for Higher Ed, K-12, and Non-profit organizations.

  • Dedicated E&I Account Team for order processing, customer service and unique requests
  • Technical advice, planning and solutions from experienced professionals
  • State-of-the-art warehouses, efficient order processing and real-time tracking
  • Same day shipping available for select items on orders placed before 5pm ET

B&H: One stop for technology

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Enjoy the benefits the pros have come to expect!

The Most Technology - In Stock, Always

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More B2B Services


We partner with many eprocurement systems and are continually adding more.

Contract Sales

We participate in national and statewide contracts, as well as direct contracts with higher education institutions.

Customized Solutions

Have a big idea? We can make it happen: from a unique surveillance system to a custom IT solution to a storm-proof TV studio on wheels.

On-Demand Installation

From basic software pre-installs to upgrading your equipment for turnkey operation, we make life easier.

Business Leasing

Startup, commercial, professional or not-for-profit organization? Get the latest gear without breaking the bank.

The Studio @ B&H

Test out state-of-the-art broadcast & digital cinema equipment, by appointment only.

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