Elinchrom Scott Kelby's Light / Shoot / Retouch it Kit

Elinchrom Scott Kelby's Light / Shoot / Retouch it Kit


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  • 2x BRX 500W/s Monolights
  • 2x 26 x 26" Softboxes
  • 1x 14 x 35" Rotalux Strip Bank
  • 1x 53" Octa Light Bank
  • 2x Stands, 1x Skyport Speed Transmitter
  • 1x Stand Case, 1x Kit Case
  • 1x 17" Softlite Reflector, 1x Diffuser
  • 1x 7.0" Grid Reflector
  • 30, 20, 12 Degree Grids
  • 7.0" Gel Holder
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With Scott Kelby's Light / Shoot / Retouch It B&H has put together a host of Elinchrom equipment that features power, flexibility and creative potential.

The heart of this kit is another kit: the BRX 500/500 2-Light To Go Kit that features two 500W/s BRX 500 monolights, two light stands, an EL Skyport Speed Transmitter and two 26 x 26" softboxes. You also get a sync cord, a bag to protect your light stands and a carrying case for storing and transporting the heads. The multi-voltage 500W/s heads have five-stop power variability and fast 1.45 sec. recycling. They also boast built-in Skyport receivers that can pick up a signal from the included EL Skyport Speed Transmitter from up to 393' away. The BRX 500s also come with two 9.0' light stands with case a sync cord and kit case.

Using this gear as a core setup, B&H continues to build on it with the inclusion of a 53" Midi Octa Light Bank; a large light shaping tool with a special quality of light that is especially useful in portraiture. A 14 x 35" Rotalux Strip Bank is an ideal combination with the Octa as a main light with the strip bank serving as a hair light, side light or rim light.

But this is not just a soft-effect kit. For those who need a bit of directionality, detail and grit, the kit also includes a 17" Softlite reflector as well as a 7.0" grid reflector. The Softlite reflector is a medium sized beauty dish that disperses the light via its interior deflector to its soft white interior. The result is a light with a fair amount of directionality that combines soft light quality with crisp rendition of detail. If you want to soften it more, a fabric diffuser is on hand to slip over the Softlite. The 7.0" grid reflector has a convenient lip built into the front of it to accept the included spring-loaded 7.0" grids. Three grids are included: a 30 degree, 20 degree and 12 degree. The lower the number in degrees the tighter the soft circle of light that it will project. A gel holder is also included.

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