B&H Photo Video Named America's Best Customer Service Company

Here at B&H Photo Video, we always strive to do right by our customers. Guided by the simple edict of "treat others as you want to be treated," we have worked tirelessly to serve our customers' best interests and needs. Today, that effort and dedication has been recognized by esteemed publication Newsweek. As part of its first-ever "America's Best Customer Service 2019" awards, Newsweek has named B&H Photo the top customer-experience company in the online Photo and Video category.

Newsweek's rankings were based on data collection and analysis from renowned global research firm Statista, after surveying hundreds of companies across 141 retail categories in an exhaustive search to determine which companies offered the best customer-service experience. Statista's findings? Not only did B&H Photo receive top marks in the photography and video category, we also earned the third-highest ranking overall among all surveyed online retailers—third!

It is absolutely an honor to be recognized, and we are more pleased than surprised. I say this not as a braggart but, in all seriousness, as someone who has worked side-by-side with B&H Photo employees and seen firsthand the passion and dedication they bring to serving our customers. Everything we do, top to bottom, from content creation to online support, falls under the same banner: "Is this right for the customer?"

We are extremely proud to share this news with you, our customers, our friends, and our families. More than the acclaim and recognition, we are honored to know that we have served your needs faithfully. Please know that in the coming years, our dedication to you will neither falter nor flag, and that our commitment to providing the best customer service will continue. Thank you, as ever, for your continued patronage and support.