Why Doesn't Your Wi-Fi Fly? Tips and Tricks to Power up Your Home Wi-Fi

Read about the ways you can improve the Wi-Fi network in your home, at


Wow-Fi: How to Get the Strongest Signal You Can at Home

Ten years ago, getting a steady Wi-Fi signal at home was almost unheard of. People were using routers with hardwired connections rather than trust the fleeting and often flaky connection that most communications providers were offering. It wasn’t until Netflix really started to push the streaming of movies into homes that Wi-Fi became a huge concern.


The Ultimate Console Game Room

So, the holidays are near, and the two hottest gifts that your kids, husband/wife, significant other, and relatives will be asking for are new gaming systems, namely the ultra-hot PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. I’m asking for both and will probably end up with a deluxe checker set, but that’s how my wife rolls.

Holiday 2012: Home Networking

This holiday season, many people are out and about buying new Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, televisions, music players and more. Many more are buying laptops, tablets and desktop PCs, all with wired and wireless capabilities. Then these people are going home, unboxing their purchases, and waiting patiently for the wireless fairy to come down and connect everything.

Amped Wireless Launches Long-Range Wi-Fi Repeater

It may be more expensive than your router, but if you want your wireless network to go the distance, consider the High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro Smart Repeaterfrom Amped Wireless.

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