Holiday 2012: Tablets

Tablets may seem like a fad to power PC users, but their success last year has turned heads in the industry. Tablets are not only here to stay, they’re commanding far more interest from consumers than was previously thought. Although Apple’s iPad still reigns in the tablet market, many princes have come forward to try and claim the throne. Some of those smaller fiefdoms, like ASUS and Samsung, are more than trying to unseat Apple—they’re playing musical chairs with the throne, and gaining market share at an amazing rate.

Compact Support Solutions: Portable Systems for Your Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Devices

Thanks to amazing advancements in portable media, you can now capture gorgeous still images and video with your smartphone, as well as with your tablet PC. Of course, you need not use these devices exclusively for photography or videography. 


There's a Tablet for Everyone

Rarely does a day pass anymore when I don’t use my tablet for something. And never do I regret not leaving it at home. If anything, I usually regret not bringing it with me. 

iPads & Tablets: Icing on the Cake

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, wedding planner, or the lucky couple who will be tying the knot, an Apple iPad 2, new iPad, or one of the many Android tablet PCs can be very helpful when you’re preparing for a wedding. 

Give your Mother a Trendy Computer Tablet on Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day looming just before us, now might be a great time to open your mom's mind to the usefulness and convenience of tablet computing. The iPad is tremendously popular, and an awesome piece of technical goodness to boot. But there are many other tablets to choose from.


MP3 Players and Accessories for Mom

There’s huge variety of MP3 players available right now that would make great Mother’s Day gifts, from tiny gadgets that nearly disappear when you clip them to your shirt, to handheld multimedia marvels.

The New Archos Child Pad: A Sub-$150 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet

Calling all iDads and Motherboards: Archos has just announced a new seven-inch tablet called the Child Pad that runs the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and, best of all, has an attractive sub-$150 price tag.

The Read on E-Book Readers

Print on paper may not be entirely passé, but thin-screen devices that store hundreds of books—images, music and sometimes video, too—are clearly gaining cachet. While B&H doesn’t sell every brand of e-reader, it does offer a select group of capable models. 

Tablet Roundup

No flash in the pan, tablets have gone mainstream. Mobile touch screen computers are proving that you don’t necessarily need a physical keyboard to enjoy entertainment, gather information and communicate by text or live video.

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