Guide to the Next Generation of Hi-Fi Stereo Systems

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Co-workers, Colleagues and Customers

It’s nice to take opportunities like holiday parties and corporate gatherings to say thank you to your co-workers, colleagues, employees and clients. If you’re on a gift list of some kind, or if you’re looking for a present that says "thank you" while still keeping things professional, then you’ve come to the right place.


Holiday 2012: Bluetooth Speakers for Less than $100

Docking speakers are great if the connector on your smart phone or tablet fits, but if you have the newest iPhone or iPad or a non-Apple device, compatibility is more likely to come through a wireless protocol called Bluetooth (BT). Many source players including notebook computers, phones and tablets have a BT transmitter built in.

Audioengine's New A5+ Powered Speakers

Audioengine has been making classy-sounding, décor-pleasing speakers for use with a computer and other audio components since 2005. This month a new model arrives in three different cabinet finishes that even an audiophile could love.

How to Transmit Music Wirelessly Without Wi-Fi

Despite its advantages, a Wi-Fi home network isn’t for everyone. If all you want to do is send audio from a CD player, boom box, TV or even a computer to speakers in another room, you can usually take advantage of a standard audio output on the player.

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