Key Accessories for Cold-Weather Photography

Even though the leaves are down and your frost-laden lawn makes crunchy sounds when you cross it in the morning, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your cameras away until March or April; if you do, you’re going to miss some fine picture-taking opportunities.

Manfrotto Everyday User Bags, Cases and Apparel

When it comes to camera bags, there’s a seemingly unlimited choice of styles, shapes and colors designed to satisfy the needs of the pickiest beginner, hobbyist or professional photographer. If you can think it, it probably already exists in a form quite close to what you imagine it to be.

Manfrotto Hobbyist Bags, Cases and Apparel

Manfrotto’s Stile Collection of camera/computer cases, bags and pouches are constructed from lightweight, weather-resistant nylon and are designed to complement active, on-the-go lifestyles.


Manfrotto Professional Bags, Cases and Apparel

Field jackets designed for photographers are nothing new, but then again, nobody has ever designed a field jacket that matches the look, detail and real world user design aspects of Manfrotto’s Lino PRO Field Jacket.

Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Everyday Users

Even though almost all cameras have built-in flashes, sometimes you want or need additional light power in order to capture a better photograph. Rather than adding an extra accessory flash, many photographers have been turning to LED light panels.

Manfrotto Everyday User Tripods and Support Systems

Designed with everyday users in mind, Manfrotto’s all metal MK390-series tripods are lightweight, sturdy tripods designed for use with compact digital cameras, super zooms, camcorders and compact DSLR systems. 


Manfrotto Hobbyist Tripods

There comes a time in every newbie photographer’s life when they need a camera support that goes beyond the limitations of Lego™-like tablepods, and that’s where Manfrotto’s new 290-series Hobbyist tripods come into the picture.

Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Hobbyists

LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) accessory lights for digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to electronic flash for adding auxiliary light to low lighting conditions. The benefits of continuous LED lighting include cool operating temperatures and low power consumption. 

Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Professionals

Manfrotto’s ML360HP Midi Plus-36 and ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED light panels should prove to be quite popular among professional photographers who require compact, low heat, low power consuming, daylight-balanced lighting accessories that can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with outdoor light and electronic flash.

Manfrotto Professional Tripods and Heads

Featuring lightweight carbon fiber legs, a choice of rapid or geared columns, and a new ground-leveling system, Manfrotto’s MT057 Series tripods have the qualities and features working pros expect and demand from their camera-support systems. Manfrotto MT057 series tripods are available in three-section and four-section models.

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