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Zeiss Fellowes Brands Create New ExoLens for iPhone 6 Series Smartphones

Zeiss has thrown its hat into the ring of premium iPhone accessory lenses. Partnering with Fellowes Brands, the three Zeiss lenses will mount on the iPhone via the ExoLens mounting system, which is currently available for the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. 

Notable SLR Lenses of 2014

Throughout the course of 2014, a number of notable SLR lenses were released, running the gamut from optically refined, fast primes to versatile and long-reaching zooms, with all other realms covered in between. While the lens releases varied from manufacturer to manufacturer and system to system, a number of distinct themes became recognizable, which act as foundation points from which to compare and contrast different lenses, as well as gauge expectations regarding the future of contemporary SLR lens design.


Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 APO Planar T* Lens: Believe the Hype

This B&H Explora article contains a review of the new Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 APO Planar T* Lens.


Using the Zeiss Cinemizer OLED 3D Glasses

Glass Encounters of the SLR Kind: Out-of-This-World Lenses for 2013

To capitalize on the ever-increasing resolution of image sensors, lens manufacturers continue to come up with new optical designs and other lens technologies that allow greater low-light capability and aberration-corrected imagery. Read on to learn more about the standout advances in this year’s roundup of noteworthy SLR camera lenses.


Holiday 2012: M-Mount and M42 Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras

Sometimes technology gets in the way of quality. The convenience of features such as autofocus and optical image stabilization are hard to dispute, but some of the best glass in the world can be found in manual focus lenses that contain no electronics whatsoever. Such is the case with M-mount and M42-mount lenses made by Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander.

Compact Binoculars

Woe to those who haven’t been awed by the impact of peering through a good binocular. And double-woe to those who aren’t aware of the fact a good—make that a terrific binocular—need not set you back a king’s ransom.

New Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses Announced at NAB

Further aligning itself with the needs of independent filmmakers, Zeiss announced at NAB two interchangeable-mount additions to its Compact Prime CP.2 family of cine primes. Joining one end of the lineup is a super-wide Distagon 15/T2.9, and complementing the other end is a Sonnar 135/T2.1 telephoto.

Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8: the New Standard for Super-Wide SLR Lenses

Zeiss’s new Distagon T* 2.8/15 combines two aspherical lenses and five special glass elements to correct extraordinarily for chromatic aberration and distortion. Since distortion is inherent to lenses of this focal length, this reduction provides a noticeable difference from past designs and sets a new standard for super-wide lenses.

Use M-Mount and M42 Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras

Sometimes technology gets in the way of quality. For example, the finest wristwatches made today are self-winding units with jewels used as pivot points. They’re mechanical works of art assembled by hand, and you won’t find a battery or quartz crystal inside any of them.


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