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Action Sports Cameras Part 2: Drift HD Ghost, Contour+2 Camcorders

This B&H video features the second half of our action camera roundup. It examines the Drift HD Ghost and the Contour+2. Both models are compatible with multiple mounts for hands-free recording of action sports. They both shoot Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps and each one also supports mobile connectivity with a smartphone or tablet.

Holiday 2012: Action Cameras

Each year, action-camera technology continues to improve and action-camera popularity continues to grow. Most major camcorder manufacturers now have at least one action camera, and there are a handful of other companies that specialize exclusively in action cameras and accessories for those cameras.

Action Cam and Camcorder Accessories

Anyone with camcorder in hand, or action cam on head, has the chance to capture some pretty remarkable footage, maybe even something that could become a viral Web sensation. But there are lots of accessories available that make capturing great action footage even easier. 

The New HD170 Stealth Action Camera

The new HD170 Stealth shares many features and similarities with the original HD170 model, but there's a lot more to it besides its new, black "stealthy" color. The Stealth comes with a new chip that enables you to shoot 60 fps video (which is ideal for slow motion), as well as 25 and 50 fps for European thrill seekers. It's a sweet, low-profile HD camera that you can strap on to capture the ride of your life.

Create Your Own Headshots

You've probably seen those adventure reality shows where people like Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, and other daredevils find themselves in one perilous situation after another. Sometimes you wonder how they will make it to safety. But even more often you wonder how they were able to capture such footage in the first place. Sometimes the footage is captured by an equally nutty cameraman, but quite often the footage is captured using something like Drift Innovation's X170 Action Camera.

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