Hands-On Review: Eyefi 16GB mobiPRO SDHC Wi-Fi Memory Card

Very simply, the Eyefi 16GB mobiPRO SDHC Wi-Fi Memory Card allows you to transfer images—including RAW files and videos—directly from your camera, wirelessly, to a mobile device or computer. The wireless RAW file-transfer capability is what sets this new card apart from its predecessors and from most current in-camera Wi-Fi systems.

Quick Look: the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro Wi-Fi Memory Card

In the following Quick Look video, Larry Becker, of KelbyOne Media, showcases the new Eye-Fi 32GB Mobi Pro SDHC Wi-Fi Memory Card, and highlights the differences between this new Wi-Fi-enabled card and its predecessors. Some of the new features include the ability to transfer raw files, in addition to JPEGs, as well as being able to selectively transfer your image files rather than all of them in bulk.


Eye-Fi Expands Mobi Wireless Memory Card Capacity to 32GB

Eye-Fi has announced its 32GB SDHC Mobi Wireless Class 10 Memory Card, offering all the same features and specs of the previous 8GB and 16GB editions—while having the distinction of being the first 32GB card that Eye-Fi has ever produced.

Holiday 2012: Great Gifts for Photographers

Most photographers love getting gifts. (Well, who doesn’t?) But with the wealth of equipment available and accessories for that equipment and accessories for those accessories, there is always a new “toy” that can expand a photographer’s creativity.


Holiday 2012: Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras

Photography and technology have walked hand-in-hand through many photo shoots. Advancements in digital technology have been an asset to photographers in recent years, and will continue to be so for many more. But one of the most rapid developments has been in Wi-Fi technology.


Photographers and the iPad

Sharing and Displaying Photos during the Reception

Since weddings are quick paced, one-shot events, backing up your image files as you work is imperative. Unless you plan on carrying a pocketful of memory cards, you’ll need a device to store your files so you can unload your memory card and pop it back into the camera. (Always carry spare cards in your kit.)

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Memory Cards

Eye-Fi has announced a new 8MB wireless memory card designed to enable instant wireless uploading of image files from your camera to your smartphone, tablet and similar iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

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