Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro Streamlines the Scanning Process

Capture, optimize, and access files and documents quickly and efficiently with Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro, available on Windows. This easy-to-use, front-end scanning software streamlines your capture process with features such as document separation, indexing and validation, along with automated and manual QC. Here's a starting guide and a list of a few features worth checking out.

Tips and Strategies for Digitizing Paper Documents

Have you ever glanced at a mound of unopened snail mail and wished it were just a bunch of files stored on a hard drive (or tucked away invisibly in the cloud)? With a scanner and a little effort, you can make piles of mail (and all of your other paper documents) disappear. 


Tablet Roundup

No flash in the pan, tablets have gone mainstream. Mobile touch screen computers are proving that you don’t necessarily need a physical keyboard to enjoy entertainment, gather information and communicate by text or live video.


Fujitsu Tablets and Notebooks

School started last week in the New York area. That means lots of people, students and teachers alike, are in the market for new notebook computers. Fujitsu’s product lineup is so comprehensive, there’s a model that suits everyone’s needs. I’m going to go over some of Fujitsu’s lineup and, in the spirit of how kids are lined up in school—at least when I went—I’ll cover these portable computers in size order.

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