How to Find the Perfect Universal Remote Control

As stubborn as it was, winter is finally over. For a while there it seemed as if the cold weather wasn’t quite ready to bid its farewell, but literally like clockwork, along comes spring and, with it, our desire to tidy things up a bit. As we let more sunlight into homes and bask in the delight of warmer weather, it’s only natural that we look around and begin to visualize a neater and more organized way of life, at least for the next few months.

Holiday 2012: TV Essentials

No matter how smart the set, the TV will be challenged to deliver the most effective entertainment experience to you unless it is accompanied by a cadre of accoutrements—some useful, others essential.


Command Your Entertainment Gear with Free Mobile Apps

The “universal remote” takes on an entirely new meaning as Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen devices proliferate. Thanks to all the free apps, we may no longer need to regularly use the dedicated remotes that came with our TV, Blu-ray player, receiver, home theater system, media player or DVR.

Universal Remotes Roundup

When multiple remote controls occupy the TV room, they clutter the coffee table, disappear into the recesses of the davenport and make for an uncomfortable stretch when the one you need is out of reach. There has to be a better way.

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