Holiday 2012: Upgrading Your Computer

Whether you’ve just bought a retail computer or built one yourself, there’s one thing that happens to both of them the moment you turn them on: they quickly become obsolete. Technology is always changing and you’ll find yourself constantly trying to keep up with the latest upgrades. A quad-core processor may seem like a fast processor, but now AMD makes an eight-core processor.

Holiday 2012: IPS Monitors

IPS monitors are high resolution computer monitors that provide clear images and accurate color from almost every angle you happen to view. They are normally a tool for pro photographers, printers, graphic designers and post-production professionals who demand exacting contrast, details and color replication.

Holiday 2012: Game On!

I know you’re probably out there right now looking to purchase me your usual assortment of socks and sweaters as holiday gifts, but I was hoping this year to leave this letter on the kitchen counter and have you read this before you went shopping.

Intel Uses Guidelines to Turn Notebooks into Ultrabooks

While tablets and even smartphones are becoming more viable options for mobile computing, nothing can beat the convenience and usefulness of a portable notebook computer. Sure, netbooks have been around, but they lack the performance to do anything besides word processing, email checking and Web surfing.

AMD FX Series Processors Bulldozing Their Way to Eight Cores

Remember when desktop computers used to have single-core processors, which would take an eternity just to open a Word document? Me neither. That’s because dual-core and even quad-core central processing units (CPUs) have become the standard for desktop computers.

HP’s Wireless TV Connect Kit

Tripping over wires isn’t fun, especially if you’re trying to get your computer to display on your big-screen TV. The latest solution, called the Wireless Home Digital Interface or WHDI, streams uncompressed high-definition video at up to 1080p resolution with 3D support and 5.1 surround sound.

Ultrabooks: More than Just a Tablet

It’s no secret that people will pay more for some products than others. (Just ask Apple.) A good example is that people will pay thousands of dollars for a Rolex but only tens of dollars for a Timex, even though both watches are similarly accurate. In fact, the Timex might even be more accurate than the Rolex—and it never needs winding.

Tablet Roundup

No flash in the pan, tablets have gone mainstream. Mobile touch screen computers are proving that you don’t necessarily need a physical keyboard to enjoy entertainment, gather information and communicate by text or live video.


Hands-On Review of HP's TouchPad

HP’s glossy TouchPad tablet has a lot to recommend it. Notably, the innovative webOS operating system manages multiple tasks simultaneously. It treats all your open applications as cards that you drag across the screen.

Bump Your webOS Device with the New HP TouchPad Tablet

If you were expecting Windows on the new HP TouchPad, guess again. What distinguishes this sleek multi-touch tablet is that it’s neither an Android or iOS device. Instead, it’s HP’s first webOS tablet. 


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