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KelbyOne Annual Membership Online Subscription

Enjoy a full year of unlimited access to hundreds of courses and thousands of lessons on photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Creative Cloud, design, software, and business with the KelbyOne Annual Membership Online Subscription, from Kelby Media.

B&H & Adobe Lightroom Digital Summit

The Digital Photography Summit is a software and digital-technology showcase of the latest trends, held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, and featuring panel discussions, demonstrations, and surprises from Scott Kelby, Julieanne Kost, and Katrin Eismann.

NAPP and Kelby Training Memberships Now Available

If you’re a photographer, you know that the tools of the trade are constantly evolving. Since one of today’s primary tools is Adobe Photoshop, mastering the software’s intricacies and newest capabilities can help you maintain professional success in the digital age.

Easy as One, Two, Three with Scott Kelby

The gist of Scott Kelby’s common-sense style can be gleaned from a page randomly chosen from his Digital Photography Book Volume 3, titled “Controlling Softness with an Umbrella.” 

Scott Kelby: Teaching Photographers How to Make Pictures Perfect

Even Scott Kelby, author of more than 40 books about digital photography, thinks about the shot that got away. He was driving with his family along a back road in Hawaii on a dreary day.


Conquering Adobe Software via Kelby Training DVDs

If you’re a professional photographer, you probably spend as much or more time in front of a computer as behind a camera. And since such Adobe programs as Photoshop have proven the most popular, Kelby Training has created a series of DVDs to hone your Adobe software skills.

Modifying Light with Flags Brought to You by Kelby Training and B&H Photo

Have you ever heard of a Gobo? It's a term used by photographers to describe something that goes between the subject and your light to modify the light output. Today, they're more commonly known as light modifiers.

Why We Sharpen Our Photos Brought to You by Kelby Training and B&H Photo

"You absolutely need to sharpen all of your photos if you're shooting RAW on your DSLR," that's what Matt from Kelby Training says. Sharpening your images will help to make them pop for a more appealing look. As always, balancing is also important to make sure that it isn't overdone. Matt from Kelby Training explains sharpening in the video below in one of the best ways I've ever seen and continues on to explain that we sharpen for the print.

Take a look at the video after hitting the read and discuss button and for more in-depth training please visit They also have full one day seminars at

Adding Eyelashes to Models Brought to You by Kelby Training and B&H Photo

Think about all the time that models (and women prepping for a big event such as their wedding) put into making their eyelashes look perfect. Indeed, eyelashes are important in a photograph as well. They're so important that the experts over at Kelby Training have come up with their own Photoshop brushes for eyelashes.

Printing with Rounded Corners Brought to You by KelbyTraining and B&H Photo

In this video, KelbyTraining's experts show you how to set up a rounded border around your images in Adobe Lightroom 3. The white rounded border will help you to make your images look better for a print. Different ways to get this done for the future, such as making presets, are also demonstrated.


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