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CES 2017: LG Announces New Wallpaper-Thin TV

At CES, LG has released a plethora of information about its new 2017 home entertainment product lineup, including what the company is referring to as a “wallpaper-thin” or “picture-on-wall” TV, and with a depth of only 2.57mm, it’s difficult to argue with that analogy. The W7 OLED will be available in a variety of sizes, including 65 and 77", and can attach directly to a wall with specialized magnetic brackets, eliminating the space typically left between the TV and the wall. Even with these brackets, the TV is less than 4mm, or less than 0.16" deep.

Hands-On Review: the LG V20 Smartphone

As technology goes, we live in a pretty wondrous time. Every month we seem to edge closer to a Star Trek-ian future, where the gizmos and gadgets of tomorrow occupy the hands and homes of today. Arguably, some of the best examples of this movement are our smartphones, which become more and more capable (and more indispensable) by the season.

Go Curved or Flat with the LG UltraWide 34UC97 or 31MU97-B Monitors

Read about LG's new UltraWide 34UC97 Monitor, at BandH.com.


Google's Chrome OS Arrives in a Desktop with the New LG Chromebase

Upgrade to an HDTV for The Big Game

As the big game approaches, you may be looking at your aging TV and thinking to yourself, “It’s time for an upgrade”—and frankly, why not? Just because you’re not at the stadium doesn’t mean you can’t have a larger-than-life experience in the middle of your living room.



The past decade has been a renaissance for TV technology. Televisions have gotten slimmer; we’ve gone from large-frame TVs like CRTs and floor-standing rear-projection models to the flat-panel displays we have on the market today. Screen sizes have also evolved, with 60-inch plus models growing in popularity and becoming living-room staples.

The Ultimate Console Game Room

So, the holidays are near, and the two hottest gifts that your kids, husband/wife, significant other, and relatives will be asking for are new gaming systems, namely the ultra-hot PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. I’m asking for both and will probably end up with a deluxe checker set, but that’s how my wife rolls.

Portable and Mobile Printing for the Holidays

There are moments when you miss your old Polaroid. Photography’s move into the digital era led to advancements we could've only dreamed of years ago, like instant feedback via an LCD screen. But, there is still nothing like holding a fresh print in your hand. Here to solve this problem are portable printers.

New LG Televisions for 2013

LG’s long pedigree of television and external display manufacturing goes back more than 50 years. In the 1960s, shortly after the company’s birth, LG (then GoldStar) began to manufacture Korea’s first home-grown, tube-based televisions.


New LG Smart Blu-ray Players and Home Theater Systems for 2013

LG's 100" HECTO Laser LCD TV Projector and 55" curved OLED TV provided the brand’s major highlights at this year’s CES trade show in Las Vegas. However, the company’s new 2013 lineup of DVD/Blu-ray players and home theater systems offered an equally progressive and inspired vision from one of the consumer electronics industry leaders.



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