Shedding Light on the New Optoma HDR UHD Projector

UHD 4K resolution, HDR10 compatibility, and 3000 lumens of brightness are the standout features of the recently announced Optoma UHD60 projector. It can project images up to 140" at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, or up to 302.2" at lower resolutions. Combine 4K resolution with HDR10 compatibility and the right media source and content, and you get vibrant colors with nearly lifelike detail.

Holiday 2012: Game On!

I know you’re probably out there right now looking to purchase me your usual assortment of socks and sweaters as holiday gifts, but I was hoping this year to leave this letter on the kitchen counter and have you read this before you went shopping.

Ultra-Compact Projectors to Go

Pocket projectors, also known as pico projectors, are getting brighter and more capable. Although they're still no match for a high-lumen home theater projector, these small wonders are unsurpassed in terms of size and ultra portability. 

New Arrival: Optoma PK320 Pico Projector with Microsoft Office Viewer

When the software you need to view your documents is embedded in the projector itself, you don’t necessarily need to drag along a computer. And if the projector has internal memory for storing content, you don’t necessarily need a flash stick or memory card either. 

On-the-Go Computer Accessories

There are plenty of gifts you can give to computer users that will tickle their fancy, but not all of them are ideal for people who are always on the go. Sure, a 5.1-channel sound system is great for home use, but nobody wants to carry that around on a business trip or on vacation. Certainly there are better ideas for mobile users.

Optoma Reveals an Affordable 1080p 3D Projector

A home-theater projector capable of full HD and 3D, too, priced at under $1,500? Those are the latest specs to beat for affordable big 3D entertainment. The Optoma Technology HD33 DLP Projector incorporates a Texas Instruments 1080p DLP chip set and the ability to create images up to 300 inches in size.

Turn Your Driveway into a Digital Drive-In

Just because the outdoor drive-in movie complex has largely disappeared from American suburbs doesn’t mean you can’t set up your own theater—in the driveway. You may already own some of the components, and they don’t necessarily have to be seated in a convertible.

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