Holiday 2012: Recording Audio for Video Productions

When it comes to production sound for film or an original series, quality audio capture is imperative. Bad audio can ruin the experience for everyday viewers and critics alike. In this article, we’ll discuss the elements of an effective and ultra-portable sound recording rig.

Holiday 2012: Video Gifts and Gear

Holiday shopping for a professional photographer or videographer can be hard to do without breaking the bank. Most professional grade gear is justifiably very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy someone an inferior version of something they already have.


The Well-Designed PS615 Audio Recorder Pouch and PS614 Bag from Petrol

Many audio people have been searching for a smartly designed case for portable digital recorders and for a location audio bag that can properly hold a Zaxcom Nomad or a Sound Devices 788T with a CL-8 Controller. Two new solutions from Petrol Bags have recently been released that fill these needs brilliantly. 

Hands-On Review: the Petrol Bags Liteporter

The Liteporter from Petrol Bags is a carrying case that was built for transporting a 1 x 1 Litepanels LED instrument or other comparably sized lights or equipment. 

New Petrol Bags Announced for Audio, Fresh from NAB 2012

Recently at NAB 2012, Petrol Bags revealed that it has just increased the number of portable options available for audio equipment to include the convenient PS614 Deca Lightweight Audio Bag and the miniature PS615 Portable Digital Recorder Pouch. 

New Petrol Bags Carrying Case for LED Light Panel Systems and Accessories

Due to the addition of high-definition video in devices ranging from high-end DSLRs, down to handheld pocket camcorders, it is now possible to shoot HD quality video in more ways and more locations than ever before. 

Petrol Professional Bags and Cases

Professionals, particularly the ones who work on location and often under extreme conditions, are particularly picky when it comes to selecting the bags and cases they choose to transport their cameras, lights and audio equipment.


Protecting Your Photo Gear When Traveling

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or a serious enthusiast, chances are you value the investment you’ve made in your photo gear and you try to keep it in tip-top shape, cosmetically and otherwise. Keeping your gear safe and protected when traveling can be particularly challenging, especially when your travels take you to places that involve trains, planes or automobiles, unpaved roads, steep climbs, sand, rain, humidity and other forms of wet and wild stuff.


Petrol Cambio Carrier System with Fluid Head

One of the greatest inconveniences any professional videographer ever has to deal with is getting all their gear to the location in fine working order. There’s a lot to carry, and it all must be properly protected during transit, especially if air travel is involved.


The Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag

Traveling with precision camera tools has long been a game of seeing how far one can press airport limits without pushing one button too many of the person behind the ticket counter. Ever tighter carry-on allowances and skyrocketing checked baggage fees have made matters worse.

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