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How to Eliminate Disposable Batteries in Production Sound

It’s easy for sound people to burn through piles of disposable batteries on a typical production day. Wireless microphone systems tend to eat up battery life very quickly, but portable field mixers, portable digital recorders, camera hops and IFB systems all require lots of juice too.


Back-to-School: Gear for Audio Students

In this B&H article, we outline the basic nuts and bolts of how to prepare for the learning curve of audio engineering, including a basic rundown of fundamental gear.


10 Ways the new iPad Can Help Professional Filmmakers

10 Ways the iPad Can Help Video Professionals

There is no doubt that the iPad is a wonderful media-consumption device. Although it might not be capable of shooting or editing professional video footage just yet, it can still be an invaluable tool for any filmmaker’s or videographer’s tool kit. Here are ten ways the iPad can be used, from the beginning to the end of the production cycle.

1. Screenwriting

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