NAB 2015: Switronix VoltBridge Wireless Battery Monitoring Platform

In the following video, B&H Photo’s Steven Gladstone meets up with Ross Kanarek, from Switronix, to get a first look at Switronix’s new VoltBridge wireless battery monitoring platform. Leveraging low-energy Bluetooth technology, VoltBridge allows you to send battery information, such as run time, percentage, and other vitals to your iOS or Android mobile device. The technology is available within Switronix’s new battery plates, or via a P-Tap or 4-pin XLR dongle to use with existing equipment.

On-Camera LED Lights

LED lights are gaining increasing acceptance in the professional video-production industry. When LED video lights were first introduced, they were seen as a smaller, lighter, and often times more convenient alternative to traditional tungsten fixtures, but they were generally considered inferior when it came to the brightness and the quality of light that they produced.


A few years ago, HDSLRs revitalized the wedding video industry. Today, the second generation of HDSLRs offers a variety of great new features for shooting HD video. The most serious decision you can make as a wedding videographer, which will have an effect on both your workflow and style of shooting, will be your choice of camera.


On-Camera Lights

In this B&H Video, Mia McCormick highlights a few on-camera video lights that can also be used off-camera for enhanced lighting control. She begins by walking us through some points to consider before purchasing a light as well as the importance of knowing your requirements for wattage output, power sources, intended location and needed durability to determine what light is best for you.

Holiday 2012: Video Gifts and Gear

Holiday shopping for a professional photographer or videographer can be hard to do without breaking the bank. Most professional grade gear is justifiably very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy someone an inferior version of something they already have.


Holiday 2012: HDSLR Innovations

As 2012 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to take a look back at a year which saw many innovations in the world of HDSLR video. One of the most prominent trends of 2012 has been the continuing blending of still and video acquisition technologies into the same tools.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Holiday 2012: Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Accessories

When Blackmagic Design announced their new Cinema Camera at NAB 2012, the camera was instantly recognized as a game changer. Previously, the Melbourne-based company was established as a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for video recording, editing and conversion.

How to Eliminate Disposable Batteries in Production Sound

It’s easy for sound people to burn through piles of disposable batteries on a typical production day. Wireless microphone systems tend to eat up battery life very quickly, but portable field mixers, portable digital recorders, camera hops and IFB systems all require lots of juice too.


Switronix PowerBase 70

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon 7D digital cameras can really suck up power, especially when shooting HD video. That’s why the Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery Pack is such a valuable accessory. The PowerBase 70 delivers six times more power than the original battery supplied with either of those cameras. 

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