CE Week 2016: Lenovo Computers, Monitors, and Cases

Split into two sections, the Lenovo booth displayed products for work and play. We were immediately drawn toward the subtle glow and stylish designs of the company’s gaming systems. The Ideacentre Y900 was running a first-person shooter game hooked up to Lenovo’s Y27g monitor. Equipped with G-Sync technology, the Y27g also has a curved, Full HD display that supports up to a 144 Hz refresh rate.

Targus Has Your iPad Covered

Are you someone who likes to relax, search the Internet and casually play games on your Apple iPad at home? Or do you think of yourself as a business-savvy go-getter, taking your iPad daily to the office, meetings or on business trips?

Computer Gifts for Students

Today’s students need a lot more than spiral-bound notebooks and pencils to make the grade. Everything revolves around computers and the Internet; and papers have to be created in a program and printed from a computer—pen and ink was the way your parents wrote for their classes.

iPad Accessories

Stocking stuffers don’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re catering to someone who is iPad-smitten. Though this product roundup ranges from the practical to the entertaining, every accessory here expands the ways you can use an iPad or iPad 2. Some of these accessories are unusual, too.


Bean Bags and iPads: Together at Last!

As a stand, Lap Lounge for iPad 2 from Targus looks like it might have been designed in the Seventies. But functionally, the stand’s malleable underbelly means that now the only thing that needs to come between you and your iPad 2 is a bean-bag lining.

Prevent Computer Theft with Kensington Locks and Other Security Devices

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Kensington locks, but you might not know what they are and might never have seen one. A Kensington lock is a special kind of lock made for securing expensive electronic equipment.

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